Company Profile
Official name Media Integration, Inc
Address Jinnan Watanabe Bldg. 2F 1-4-8 Jinnan Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-0041 Japan
President and CEO Tatsuya Maeda
Founded 20th April 1989
  • About Sym⋅Proceed

    "Sym・Proceed was established by Media Integration, inc regarded as the finest company for modern recording and sound creation market in Japan. Our philosophy is to provide excellent solution and support for creators, engineers, composers, producers and musicians.
    We have found that we still have some missing pieces of the zigsaw puzzle for advanced system solution though there is a lot of brilliant products in the market. That is the trigger that motivated us to launch the project. We have accumulated know-how on methods of audio production and constructed strong networks with audio professionals, creators, developers and technicians through our continuous works. We want to create the truly innovative products and provide solutions for current needs utilizing this network. We are advancing toward the goal where creators from all over the world can rely on Sym•Proceed."