Extremly transparent,
ultra fast response bring super natural sound

Pre Amp

Ultra flat frequencey response and fastest response of nanosecond

  • Frequency Response

    Red :SP-MP500 Green:SP-MP2
    Frequency response of SP-MP500 is flat up to 20MHz.

  • Impulse Response

    Red :SP-MP500 Green:SP-MP2
    SP-MP500 achives stable performance even 0.1 nanosecond

  • Unparalleled sound with ultra fast transient

    Recording technology never stops evolving, however it is impossible to restore the missing parts lost at the input stage. There are so many wonderful mic preamps in the market; some have tasty vintage tone, others with specific characters and so on. Nevertheless, even these high-end preamps are not able to reproduce the transient response of strings and percussion instruments, harmonics that musicians feel when playing their instruments. We know that you have experienced problems before; adding more tracks on the mix makes the sound saturated at specific frequencies, or even a little bit of gain up causes remarkable noises.

  • Technologies behind the SP-MP500

    The gain selector with fixed resistors, feedback resistors, and other components equipped with SP-MP series are striictly chosen and the number of components used are about 30% of those for convetnioanl mic preamp. Each component is linked to high-speed transient characteristics that capture the performer's expression of dynamics from pianissimo to fortissimo, without missing the rise of the sound or muddying the reverberations, as well as frequency characteristics that convey transparency from ultra-low frequencies to overtones.

    This is linked to a frequency response that transparently conveys the dynamics of the performer from ultra-low frequencies to overtones. In addition, this model uses Muse capacitors, which have an established reputation in the audio

    The SP-MP500 is now available in the 500 Series format, which can be freely configured to suit the application. The SP-MP500 can be easily expanded from 1 to 2 channels, 4 channels, and so on, depending on the operating environment. The SP-MP500 is easily expandable from 1 to 2 channels, 4 channels, etc., depending on the environment.

  • 3dB step gain selector with fixed resistors

    Fixed resistors are used for gain control for better sound quality. Ultra pure gain is available without any loss.

  • Gain +66dB

    SP-MP500 provides up to +66dB gain and can be used with most of professional microphones. Because of its ultra natural amplification, you would be able to utilize tone characters of tube mic and ribbon mic

  • Beautifullty machined aluminum panel

    Beautifullty machined aluminum panel is manufactured by Iriso has big gain selector for intuitive operation

  • To keep signal uncolored

    For extraordinary, transparent sound, the number of parts used in the preamp should be kept as small as possible. SP-MP500 uses less than 1/3 of components compared to standard preamps. SP-MP500 utilizes only finest components such as feedback resisters that are more expensive than standard tip resistors. We strictly pay a closest attention on every tiny detail to keep signal uncolored.

  • NEW

    Capacitor by MUSE best for audio are used

    Gain selectors with fixed resistors for each gain settiings are used for audio quality in stead of potentiometers which degrades sound.

  • Pure and transparent sound
  • 66dB of gain, good for ribbon mic
  • 3dB step gain selector with fixed resistors
  • 48V pahntom power
  • Lo-Cut filter (40Hz、-6dB/oct)
  • -20dB Pad
  • Polarity switch
Minimum Gain 0dB 3dB per step, 23 steps
Maximum Gain 66dB 3dB per step, 23 steps
Frequency Response <+0.1 / -0.1dB/td> sub 1 Hz to beyond 300 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise < .0006%, Typ 12 dB Gain, DC block Hz - 22 kHz bandwidth, +4 dBu In
Intermodulation Distortion < .0004%, Typ (50 Hz & 7 kHz) 12 dB Gain, +4 dBu In
Phase Response < 2 degrees deviation 12 dB Gain, 10 Hz - 200 kHz bandwidth, +4 dBu In
Slew Rate > 160 Volts per microsecond 12 dB Gain, +16 dBu Out
Maximum Input Level +24 dBu no attenuator pads required
Maximum Output Level +24 dBu
Output Impedance < 150 ohms ±7.5V Minimum Output Swing with 120mA

Need to be installed in the 500 series chassis.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • SP-BP500: 1 space blank panel for 500 seris (option : Sold separately )

    Single slot blank panel for 500 series. Beautifullty machined aluminum panel manufactured by Iriso.


Marc Urselli

Recording Engineer/ Grammy Winner

The sound is absolutely transparent and it is the kind of pre-amp you’d use when you want no coloration and you want to hear EXACTLY what comes in, without any kind of alteration of the sound, without any added sonic characteristics, basically the TRUE sound that is being picked up by your microphones

Jim Anderson

Recording Engineer/ Producer / Grammy Winner

My initial impression was a very good one. The sound is clean, clear and transparent, but with a nice punch. It’s a welcome addition to the world of first-class microphone preamps.